The Gospel

For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.

1 Corinthians 4:20 NASB

Jesus Christ announced the Good News of the Kingdom of God. He demonstrated the power of God while in human form. He healed the sick and set the captives free. He commissioned His disciples to go and do likewise.

The Gospel is the power of God to save. It is the message of truth that once received, and embraced, has the power to radically change everything in a person’s life. It’s so powerful that the experience of hearing it and believing it is called being born again.

How can a person be born again? By believing God at His word.

When you believe God, you no longer live in darkness. You no longer live in fear. You no longer feel lost and all alone in a dark and scary world.

You become filled with light. You become filled with love. You feel peace for the very first time. You feel joy that transcends all circumstances. You become a child of God. You come to know and believe that God in Heaven is your Father, that He cares for you, that He loves you.

He loves you so much that He sent His Son to die on a cross to bear the penalty you deserve, we all deserve, for our sins.

What is sin? Sin is disobedience to God’s laws. Sin is anything not done in faith. Unbelief is the greatest sin. Or perhaps pride is. Or maybe selfishness. Whatever the case, sin separates us from God.

How can that be? You see, God is holy. He is righteous. He is perfect. He is everything good and pure and true. He’s God after all. How can you be in communion, in fellowship, abiding in God if you are in sin? See the problem? We’re all sinners. Until we meet Jesus, our whole lives are lived in unbelief. Everything up until that point is sin.

Jesus is the answer. He is the perfect, sinless One. He was born of a virgin. God is truly His Father. He suffered and died and was buried and on the third day rose from the dead. Then, He was seen by many witnesses. Then, He ascended up into Heaven. And someday soon, relatively speaking, He’ll come back again to judge the living and the dead.

When we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, we enter into a new life. We enter into His life. The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us. We have fellowship and communion with God. You could say we’re cohabitating. But He’s the Head of the household.

It’s really quite amazing. It’s hard to believe until you experience it for yourself. And then, it’s unquestionable because of the power of God in your life.

Now, the world is gripped with fear because they are scared of dying. Those who believe in Jesus need not fear. We have the promise of eternal life. We’re going to Heaven when our assignment here is over. It’s going to be great. No more sickness, no more darkness, no more suffering. It’s going to be Paradise. Neverending. Certainly something to look forward to.

We have the Good News. We should share it with the people we love. We should share it with the people who hate us. We should share it with everyone. That is what God commanded us to do.

The world is on hold for a few weeks. Now is the time to sharpen your sword. They’re ready for some good news. They’re dying for some hope. Give them what they never knew they needed. God has prepared a great harvest of souls. Now, He needs more laborers to send out into the fields.

Who will He send?

Here I am, Lord. Send me.

Have you been living your life in disobedience and sin? It’s never too late to get right with God, until it is. Don’t let another day pass without being sure of your salvation. Once you receive Christ as Lord, His Holy Spirit will enter your body and live with you forever. His power will start changing you. Over time you’ll become a completely different person, one who people would call a Christian because you act and sound like Jesus. Are you ready?

Lord God in Heaven, reveal Yourself to me. I want to know You. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and through Him I receive forgiveness for all of my sins. Thank You for your love and your mercy. I choose to receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord right now by faith. Holy Spirit of God, fill me with Your Holy presence. Drive out every unclean spirit within me. Fill me with Your love and the hope of heaven. I give You my life this day. Use it for Your glory. I love You, Lord. You are my God and my King. Help me live this day forth in the power of Your resurrection, freed from the penalty and power of sin. I am now Your child, accepted in the Beloved. Praise God. Hallelujah. Amen!

One thought on “The Gospel

  1. Some people say, “I’m basically a good person, why do I need to be saved?”
    Yet every “good person” has broken God’s laws and deserves punishment.
    In Psalms 53:2-3, it says that God looks down from heaven to see if there are any who understand and seek after God.
    “They have all fallen away;
    together they have become corrupt;
    there is none who does good,
    Not even one.”
    But God in His mercy has provided one way to escape the harsh penalty for breaking His commandments.
    “The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in
    Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23.
    Points to consider:
    God is the righteous judge.
    But He loves you.
    He has paid the penalty, (fine) for your sins. (through Jesus).
    When we truly understand God’s great love for us, how can we not be thankful to Him for His way of salvation?
    Please put your trust in Him today!

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